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Introducing Medieval Westerns: The American West meets epic/historical fantasy.

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I blog about books I'm reading, History's Vikings, Hell on Wheels and anything else that tickles my fancy.

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Vikings Season 4 Episode 16 Review (Crossings)

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2017 Author Resolutions/Best of 2016/Most Anticipated of 2017

The end of December/first of January is one of my favorite times of the year.…

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Derek Alan Siddoway is the 24-year-old author of Teutevar Saga, a "medieval western" series combining elements of epic fantasy with the rugged style and folklore of American Westerns (read: John Wayne meets Game of Thrones). His journey as a storyteller began over a decade ago with a particularly thrilling foray into Pokémon fan-fiction. Ten years later, Out of Exile, his debut novel, and the first book in the Teutevar Saga, was published. An Everyday, Undaunted Author, Derek spends his time reading, obsessively filling notebooks, adventuring outdoors and celebrating small victories. He's a sucker for good quotes, peach lemonade and books/video games with swords in them.

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