State of the Siddoway 2022

Intro It’s becoming a standard line in these posts for me to exclaim how fast the year has gone. With 2022, it was probably because the year was such a fantastic one. I’ve got many things to be grateful for in my author career and amazing readers are at the top of the list. In

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2021 State of the Siddoway

Does anyone else feel like 2020 and 2021 blended together into a weird mega year? Certainly many amazing things happened in 2021, but much of the stress and anxiety of the previous year held on like a guard dog grabbing a burglar’s leg. As I reflect on the past twelve months, I have a greater

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Announcing the Beast Mage audiobook narrator!

I’m thrilled to share this recording of the Beast Mage description and announce the narrator for the Mana Beast series. Travis Baldree is one of the most talented sci-fi/fantasy narrators around and I knew at once he was the narrator for the job. I can’t wait to hear his full rendition! Recording begins in March

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2020 State of the Siddoway

I think enough has been said about the wild ride that 2020 was, so I won’t linger on it. I was no exception to the craziness of the year which affected my author productivity on several projects. Between the global happenings and the vastly expanded time the two MythRune Online books took to complete, I

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2019 State of the Siddoway

Intro My, what a year! Once again, the State of the Siddoway is the only blog post up on ye olde website. But that doesn’t mean I’ve gone silent! If you want to keep up with everything I have going on, be sure to JOIN MY NEWSLETTER. I send out two emails per month (plus

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2018 State of the Siddoway

Blows cobwebs away and wipes off dust Anybody there? Man, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated the blog (if you want to get the most current news and updates about my books, you should sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter) but I’m a sucker for tradition and nothing is more traditional around here than

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  1. Jennifer Lynn Bolt

    I’m just starting to read Windsworn and I’m having difficulty deciding how to pronounce Evelyn and Eva in my head as I read. I know several Evelyn and Evas, and that beginning E is pronounced three different ways. How should her name and nickname be pronounced, with a long E or a short E or more like a long A?

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