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As I write this, I am listening to an episode of The  History Channel’s Vikings in the background.  Characters representing the historical figures of men such as Ragnar Lothbrok and King Ecbert talk about building kingdoms and cementing a legacy in the annals of time. I can’t help draw parallels between the Vikings and the […]

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Greetings and salutations everyone! First of all, let me apologize for any issues you may experience accessing my site. I updated the theme and the css decided to make everything gigantic. We’re working to get things back to normal. I also want to apologize for my three week tardiness. Since I got home from vacation,

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Hey all! I must apologize for being three days tardy with my latest post. My life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately and I’ve done a poor job keeping up with my planner. Nevertheless, here we are! First, a brief update on where and what I’m writing. The rough draft of Ravyn’s POV

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For my readers who aren’t familiar with the self-publishing scene, there has been a big stir the last few weeks concerning a report called Author Earnings. This report, released by self-published author Hugh Howey and an undisclosed counterpart looked at the earnings of “indie” authors compared to those authors signed by Big Five publishing houses.

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I can hardly believe this is the sixth week since I’ve began this little venture. Time flies by when you’re having fun they say and I’ve certainly been busy having fun. Before I wax philosophical and nostalgic on everyone, let me give you a few updates. I’m overjoyed to announce the launch of Undaunted, a

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Hey all, I’m back for the second round to go head to head with the blog monster. As I was laying half-awake this morning, I had a hundred different awesome things I wanted to say. But, like most of the things I think of when I am half-asleep, (half-asleep and half-awake must be one of

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Well, I resisted the pull of the author blogosphere for two months but in the end, my conscience (or something like that) got a hold of me. The reason I haven’t been blogging up to this point is that A. I’d rather spend time writing the next book in the Teutevar Saga series and B. I’ve seriously

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