Chapter One: In which I begin to blog

Well, I resisted the pull of the author blogosphere for two months but in the end, my conscience (or something like that) got a hold of me. The reason I haven’t been blogging up to this point is that A. I’d rather spend time writing the next book in the Teutevar Saga series and B. I’ve seriously doubted if I will keep up the blogging and not have stale, expired blog posts sitting around. Picture soured milk in a fridge that isn’t plugged in…nobody wants that. With that being said, I’ve been working hard this weekend to put together some awesome stuff for my fans (cue cricket sounds).

What I’ve decided to do is ration my extracurricular writing time between a blog and a newsletter. Combined, I’ll be sending these out once a week, alternating weeks between a bi-monthly blog post and a bi-monthly newsletter (sign up for that here and don’t, worry I won’t be distributing emails for a wealthy Arabian oil tycoon who wants to give you all his money). Additionally, I’ve put a cap at 500 words to keep you interested and me working on books. Someday, somewhere down the road I may increase this blog to say…three posts per month.(Haha!) Is it appropriate to say “haha” in a blog post? Fair warning:I enjoy writing things in parentheses. Confession: Like semicolons, I am not entirely sure I always use parentheses in the proper context that the English language dictates.

Right now, I’ve tackled Book Two (Sorry, no title yet. And sorry, parentheses again) with renewed vigor. With “gusto” one might say. I’m nearly 25,000 words in which, as of now, is about 1/5 of the total length I have planned for the rough draft. Out of Exile was just over 100,000 and there will definitely be a lot more going on in Book Two. My original goal of 125,000 words may be on the short side. We’ll still spend the majority of those words with Ravyn and other characters familiar from Out of Exile but I think you’ll also be surprised to see the new characters and points of view that will be told. I suspect Arund will show his face a little more frequently. I will also say that Ravyn ends up in Vhaldais for a large part of the book. He might even make it to Athelon itself if he doesn’t let Shamus and Brin get him in too much trouble.

In the meantime, before I sign off I want to collectively thank everyone who has finished reading or is currently reading Out of Exile. Your support is phenomenal and I hope you’ll stick around for the rest of the journey. Be on the lookout for for my next post and newsletter, I’ve got some exciting news to reveal and will also drop some information about a character you probably overlooked in Out of Exile.

— ♠ DAS ♠

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