Looking back: One year of self-publishing

Where has the time gone?

ProgressTuesday (November 18) marks the 1 year publication anniversary for Out of Exile and subsequently, the one year mark of my career as a self-published author. So, although it’s not the new year yet, I still get to do some reflecting. It’s been a crazy ride and I’ve done things I never thought possible.

After spending a decade on my first novel, I wrote my second one (with an added 50,000 words) in less than six months. I also co-wrote my first serial and revised and outlined more words than I can shake a stick at.

In June, I did a complete revisit on Out of Exile. Over the past 12 months I feel like I’ve done a revision of my author self as well. I learned there are harder dreams out there to pursue and that your book might not be ready to publish just because you are. To share my experiences, I started The Everyday Author, a place to chronicle my journey and to cultivate a collective knowledge for others with the safe dreams as myself.

While I didn’t think I’d be rolling in bills and writing full time when I looked down the road a year ago, I was definitely wearing rose-colored glasses. I thought I’d be selling books every week, with a fat check from Amazon rolling in on a regular basis. I thought I’d have a couple dozen reviews and have hundreds of people eagerly awaiting my next book.

progress bar metaphor, speed up your progressWell, that didn’t quite come to pass, but that’s okay. If possible, I’m even more excited about being an inde than I was when I started a year ago. I’ve learned a lot and know where I’m going and how to get there. I’m taking things one day at a time. Unlike last year, I’ve got a plan. I know what I’m supposed to do be doing and I love it.

And just as vital are you readers. For all the things I haven’t done, I HAVE developed a budding, group of the awesomest fans in the world. Each and every one of you guys and gals are great and, in my darker moments, it’s nice to know there are people out there who enjoy reading my work.

Where will I be a year from now? Only time will tell. I’ve got goals and plans, yes, but I’m dedicated to the process, not the outcome. Small and simple things. Onward and upward.


3 thoughts on “Looking back: One year of self-publishing”

  1. This is very inspiring. As someone who is starting the same process a year later than you, I am excited to see what kind of obstacles I’ll have along the way.

    Keep on grinding, and you’re sure to reach that rose-colored goal of yours (I know I definitely and looking forward with similar glasses at this point)!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Joseph! There’s definitely a ton of stuff to learn, but don’t feel discouraged or overwhelmed because it’s all part of the ride! We’re really trying to help starting authors out at everydayauthor.com. I may have suggested it to you already, but if not, I think you’ll find some of our posts useful.

  2. I really enjoyed this post… Almost as much as I enjoyed your book. It is my hope that someday that vision you saw through your rose colored glasses will become a reality because no one deserves it more than you do.
    Keep rocking on Mr. Derek Alan Siddoway!

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