Take Two

Hey all, I’m back for the second round to go head to head with the blog monster. As I was laying half-awake this morning, I had a hundred different awesome things I wanted to say. But, like most of the things I think of when I am half-asleep, (half-asleep and half-awake must be one of those glass half empty or half full things) all of my thoughts escaped me.

I have been thinking lately about the direction I want this blog to take. I want to write something outside of fiction that my readers will still enjoy, but I don’t want it to become a chore, for me to write or for you to read (I realize if it’s a chore you won’t be reading long anyway).  I have a lot of things I want to talk about, but they cover a wide variety of topics. In our modern internet world of niche groups with specific interests, I’m sure I’ll turn off some people. With that being said, however, I want this blog to be founded on three things: my books, my writing (yes, they are different) and my experiences in the self-publishing world.

With that being said, let’s jump to a couple of things I mentioned from my first post. If you haven’t heard through social media, or from my last post, I am starting a newsletter as well. I am pleased to announce that I have everything set up and working for people to subscribe. You can do that here. Just so everyone knows, I’m not going to spam you or sell your email addresses to anyone who will. And since I’ll be writing books, you won’t be bombarded with newsletters on a weekly basis. Ideally, they will supplement the blog and also offer some cool, exclusive stuff when I’m close to releasing my next book.

As for my other promises, I want to talk a little bit about the prologue of Out of Exile. The prologue is written by a person called The Recorder, who is the narrator of the entire series. As you probably guessed if you’ve read it, he will make an appearance in later books, under a different name. Right now, all I will reveal is that he wasn’t in Out of Exile, and won’t make an appearance until book three (probably).  Although his character has been a part of the series for some time, his role as The Recorder wasn’t added until the end of writing Out of Exile. Originally, the Tale of the White Knight was all packed into the prologue. I decided instead to weave it in with the main story and then change the prologue to an introductory reflection by the narrator. I felt this created a stronger flow to the overall story. It also allowed me to add some cool back stories to each book. When we get a little closer to publication, I’ll reveal the back story for book two.

In the meantime, if you enjoyed Out of Exile, I’d be very grateful if you’d tell a friend, tell me, or tell the world through a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads. As an indie author, honest reviews  (you don’t have to sugarcoat things or pull any punches) are one of the most important pieces of letting others know about my books. I’ve included the links below, but please remember, you’re under no obligation!


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Until next time!

♠ DAS ♠

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