Teutevar Saga

Introducing the medieval western: it’s John Wayne meets Game of Thrones!

Teutevar Saga (pronounced two-teh-var) is slated to be a five-book series. The first installment, Out of Exile, was released in November 2013. Book Two, Return to Shadow, will be released in three parts in early 2015. While Teutevar Saga’s main storyline follows Revan Teutevar on a quest to rebuild his extinct homeland, readers will journey alongside numerous characters across Peldrin — an ever-increasing continent of chaos and warring factions. A blend of traditional epic and historical fantasy, mythology, American folklore and American Westerns, Teutevar Saga is a read you won’t find anywhere else.

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https://derekalansiddoway.com/wp-login-new.phpReturn to Shadow 600x800(part one)

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  1. Have read the Griffin books and liked them grey much. Into and out of exile were more than I expected. Looking forward to next adventures.

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